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 We handle the appropriate  engineering, drawings, permits & inspections to ensure compliance.

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Voice controlled  lighting, cameras, music, thermostat and more 

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Project Work

All of our projects start with understanding your needs, and designing an economical and reliable solution that meets code requirements and protects your home investment.  Projects are scheduled based on customer needs, available parts, access to the area and resources available.  We work closely with our customers to ensure their projects have the highest priority.

Projects during COVID-19

Because the nature of our work can be in the home, we are pre-planning and reserving time and resources for your electrical work. When able the project can then be performed safely. Some tasks can be performed safely, as they are done remotely, such as; engineering and design, plan drawings, permit requests, plan checks, material/parts ordering, and others. To ensure our clients health and safety, we will not perform work that would place your family at risk of catching Covid-19

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We continue to learn more and better ways to service our Lincoln community. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and feedback.

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